David Letterman says Foo Fighters Saved his Life

It was Letterman reminiscing throughout most of the show and near the conclusion, introduced a musical act known as Foo Fighters.

Letterman, 68, says the Foo Fighters saved his life.

“15 years ago, I have open heart surgery and these people save my life,” says Letterman. “I was out not doing the show for five or six weeks and I was talking with (producer) Sheila Rogers and she says on your first show back, is there anything special you’d like musically and I said well, yeah… what about Foo Fighters?”

Letterman says Rogers asked Foo Fighters to come on but it could be a problem since there on tour.

“There’s a song of there’s I’d like to hear,” says Letterman. “It’s special to me since its been meaningful through my heart recovery, it’d be just great.”

“Two days later she calls back and she says well, they’re on tour in South America but that’s alright, they cancelled the tour,” says Letterman. “They’re coming back to do the show and they’re doing the song that you asked for and ladies and gentlemen, happily ever since, we’ve been joined at the hip. God bless you gentlemen. Thank-you very much.”

The Late Show with David Letterman aired for 33 years with 6028 shows in total and as Letterman says in his opening monologue, only had eight minutes of laughter.



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