Dave Grohl’s Teenage Fan Letter to Ian MacKaye Dug Up.

“Look what my hero Ian Mackaye just found”, read the tweet. The letter was sent in 1983, when Grohl was a 14-year old adolescent rocker, asking Mackaye for contacts in the music industry. The most endearing  part of the letter written in pen, marked with a vintage Grohl signature, is that Grohl added his phone number, and the best times to reach him. 3-10pm.

While Grohl is known as being one of the nicest rockers, MacKaye has been getting similar nods since the letter surfaced on Reddit.  MacKaye fans relaying stories on how MacKaye responded to their letters, and how he hung out with them before shows and even made himself available for an interview for a college research paper.

To quote 14-year old Dave Grohl, that’s “Good thrash”.


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