5 Best Bands to Play Late Night with David Letterman

NEW YORK - JULY 15: Music legend Paul McCartney performs on the Marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater when he visits the Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday July 15, 2009 on the CBS Television Network. This photo is provided by CBS from the Late Show with David Letterman photo archive. (Photo by Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS via Getty Images)


Oasis performed at least three times on The Late Show and didn’t disappoint. Here’s Oasis performing Live Forever, What’s The Story Morning Glory?, Don’t Go Away, and I Can See A Liar from their first four studio albums.


The Black Keys exploded in 2010 with their just released album Brothers. Here they are performing Tighten Up, almost five years to the day Letterman signed off for the last time.


Scott Weiland has had better years performing concerts and those years were with the Stone Temple Pilots. Here’s STP performing Wicked Garden from their debut album, Core in 1992.


David Letterman’s favourite band leans towards the Foo Fighters. In 2000, Letterman had the Foo Fighters perform on his first show back from having quadruple bypass surgery.

“15 years ago, I have open heart surgery and these people save my life,” says Letterman. “I was out not doing the show for five or six weeks and I was talking with (producer) Sheila Rogers and she says on your first show back, is there anything special you’d like musically and I said well, yeah… what about Foo Fighters?”

Here’s the performance.


How do you top all other musical performances on The Late Show? Play on top of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theatre entrance. That’s what Paul McCartney did with his band in the summer of 2009 playing a mini-concert to the New York City crowd.

Before the performance, Letterman interviewed McCartney inside the Ed Sullivan Theatre and asked McCartney after 30 of not coming on The Late Show was there any problems we don’t know about.

“I don’t like the show Dave,” says McCartney, who last performed there with The Beatles in 1964.

Enjoy your retirement Mr. Letterman!

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