Wanna buy a KISS Pinball Machine?

From Ars Technica:

There was a time when your brand (or your band) could reach a certain status by being featured as the theme on a pinball machine. It was a sign that you had made it to the big time. In the late ’70s, Bally made pins for groups like The Rolling Stones and Kiss, adding another feather to the bands’ caps as enormous, global sensations. It’s not uncommon to see the Kiss pin pop up on eBay or Craigslist for hugely inflated dollar figures, as someone hopes a deep-pocketed Kiss fan won’t be able to resist adding a crown jewel to their collection. You know, for the fan who has everything else already, including the Kiss Kasket.

If you’re a Kiss Army member thinking about hitting up eBay, hold on to your wallet for a moment—you’ve got a more modern option now. Stern Pinball is bringing the Kiss brand back for another round with the silver ball (much like it already did with The Stones) with a new, modern pinball design that’s dripping with nostalgia.

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