Your Super Powerful Watch…Really

My first reaction upon opening this Indiegogo page was that it was at 961% of its target – a total close to a million dollars. Ok, this is definitely worth paying attention to.

The technology is outstanding, really. All the computing power is in the smartwatch – the “pocket screen”, the tab screen, the wireless keyboard and the dongle all get their information from what you’re wearing on your wrist. You can make calls, send texts, check the weather, send emails, get fitness stats, do anything you would do directly with the smartwatch. If you want to look at it on a bigger screen, simply contact the two screens and the information transfers. If you leave your phone, or “pocket screen” as they call it, on a table at a restaurant, no worries! There’s nothing stored on this device, everything is in your smart watch. The pocket screen is simply a display.

Granted, it’s super cool… but do we really need another gadget. You can be the judge, check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

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