The Golden Apple

The most expensive option for the new Apple Watch? The gold one, of course, the one Beyonce was seen wearing around Coachella while regular people were finding out they’d have to wait weeks if not months to receive theirs.

Turns out, Apple’s a little gold obsessed, from the gold iPhone 5S through the gold iPad and a gold MacBook, according to Mashable.

“There’s a clear message here, and that message is luxury,” writes Mashable analyst Adario Strange. “But does that mean America has suddenly been swept back into the ’80s, when gaudy layers of gold jewelry served as a symbol of opulence for the well-heeled street hustler? Hardly.”

Instead, he suggests the reason for the gold rush is rooted in the Asian markets.

“China is Apple’s fastest growing market, with over $16 billion in revenue in its first fiscal quarter reported in January, and financial analysts expect China to soon surpass Europe as the company’s second-largest market,” he writes. “After China, the wealthiest nation in East Asia is Japan. What colors do consumers most associate with luxury in that country? Not surprisingly, it’s gold, black and silver.”

Check out the rest of his strong argument here.

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