Bieber’s Monkey

Yes, Borneo. Kota Kinabalu, to be specific. I’m here to commune with the orang-utans who are here in rehab. No, not that kind of rehab, either.  And yeah, I also saw a bunch of the same kind of monkeys once owned by Justin Bieber.

  • A trip like this calls for some road trip music. But be careful.
  • I GOTTA get me this new book on the LA punk scene when it comes out.
  • I posted something on Max Headroom. The world went crazy.
  • The Neptune Suite shows how the smartwatch will evolve from accessory to primary computer. No, seriously.
  • We have a winner with our Sonos giveaway!
  • Why doesn’t Vanilla Ice return our calls? We had a good reason to talk about him.
  • No, not all famous musicians die at 27.
  • How long did it take for Beyonce’s “exclusive” song on Tidal to end up on Youtube? Yep.
  • Piss off One Direction fans and the Internet will break you.

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