Record Store Day 2015 Sets 12-Year Sales High

According to Nielson Entertainment Senior Vice President Dave Bakula, the independent sector counted over 532,000 album scans after RSD 2015 was finished. That’s 21.5 per cent of all physical albums sales and 11.9 per cent of overall sales for the week ending on April 19th making it the highest percentage in sales for the indie sector since 2003.

In total, there was a 46.7 per cent increase in vinyl compared to last week’s total sales (363,000) by the indie record store sector.

In Denver, Colorado, Twist & Shout record store owner Paul Epstein says he had his most successful Record Store Day this year.

“RSD 2015 was certainly one for the books,” says Epstein on

“It was the equivalent of doing between 12-15 regular days of business (including weekends) in a 12-hour day. Compared to last year’s RSD, Twist & Shout was up 35 per cent.” says the indie sector is having a 4.3 per cent growth where total album sales at this point are at 5.6 million compared to 5.37 million from last year. Bakula says the surging vinyl sales that are up 53 per cent in this years first quarter compared to last year, is the prime reason for the indie sector growth.





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