One More for the Road

With a rare free weekend, a tank full of gas and a forecast of spring-like weather, it was the perfect time to make the drive down to Virginia Beach to see some friends. While most of my music collection is loaded up on a device, I went old school and packed some CDs with some of my favorite road trip music. What makes a good road trip song, in my book, is how much fun it is to sing a given song at the top of your lungs. These are a few of my favorite car-eoke tunes.

Pearl Jam, “Given to Fly”
The first track once traffic clears and the road opens up. Great for belting out with the windows down and steering wheel drumming. Also, the video is worth a watch– Eddie Vedder brings up a woman signing the concert and spends half the song watching her interpret the lyrics.

The Trews, “Ishmael and Maggie”
This song is one of my favorites by the Trews and while they usually introduce it as an East Coast drinking song, it’s a killer singalong too and great fun to see performed live. Anyone who has the misfortune of being in the car when this one comes on might want to grab some ear plugs because this song goes up to 12, at least.

City and Colour with Gord Downie, “Sleeping Sickness”
Sometimes you have to let the vocal chords rest a bit but you want to keep singing. Time for this little ditty pairing some serious heavyweight talent.

Rise Against, “Satellite”
This song builds and builds and builds. Another solid steering wheel drumming song, good for weaving through traffic — safely, of course — and some loud shouting singing.

Headstones, “BinThisWayForYears”
Anything thrashy and fast and loud from the Headstones would work on this list. This was the last song of theirs I heard today, so here it is. From the opening two notes and the buzz behind them, the speedometer needs to be watched carefully.

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