Music for Peace

With the nice weather this week, it was wonderful to go for a jog, or walk to the night’s destination instead of taking the car or bus. It was nice to put on the headphones and escape for a few minutes before having to deal with life again. It’s crazy what type of images you can create in your head when you’ve really escaped into the music. Delightful, colourful, peaceful pictures that are as vivid as the lyrics of the songs you had on repeat.

Default – Atoms for Peace

The guy from Radiohead has a side project called Atoms for Peace. They formed in 2010, but I just recently heard of them. This week, I was playing their 2013 debut album, Amok. Default was the stand-out song.

The Dreamer – Tallest Man on Earth

Do you know the Tallest Man on Earth? He’s Kristian Matsson. He’s been making music since 2006 and has dropped four studio albums. The Dreamer is from Matsson’s 2010 EP, Sometimes the Blues is Just Passing a Bird.

Moment of Truth – Gang Star

March 19th marks the 5 year anniversary of when we lost Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, also known as Guru. This week, I paid tribute to Guru, but listening to my favourite Gang Star album, Moment of Truth. With stand-out tracks like, Above the Clouds and Royalty, made me surly miss Guru being in this rapping game.

Stand By Me – Tracy Chapman

I was going to watch Letterman last week, but fell asleep. Thanks to Lord Internet, I was able to find the performance. Before David Latterman leaves his desk for good, he has hand picked artists to do certain songs. This week, he had Tracy Chapman do a breathtaking cover of the classic – and one of Dave’s all time favourites – Stand By Me.

Asleep – The Smiths

The weeks classic track comes from a Geeks and Beats favourite, The Smiths. Late at night, trying to write, with a tea by my side, trying to process the days happenings, this song was on repeat. After the third play, I was in dreamland. Thanks, Morrissey. It worked.

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