Baltimore Burns, Twitter Reacts.

 It was between the time Gray was cuffed and put into a police van to when the paramedics were called over half an hour later, something fishy happened. According to Gray’s attorney, the youngster’s spine was 80% severed at the neck. The commissioner, Jerry Rodriguez admits that Gray gave up without the use of force.

Baltimore has since been reacting and people have taken to the streets to demonstrate.

On Monday, thousands gathered for Gray’s funeral. A few hundred youths then gathered outside a mall in northwest Baltimore and started to clash violently with police, throwing rocks, bricks, and bottles to officers.

Officers injured. Burnt buildings. Full blown riot in Baltimore, just making the peaceful protesters look like unruly looters.

Twitter blew  up with reaction:

These are the days when pumping up songs like this makes us wonder if the days of peaceful protests are a thing of the past.

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