Spring is coming in Hours.

The Real You – Alan Watts

My friend dropped by a few books and DVD’s last weekend. Mostly Bob Dylan chronicles and a documentary called Don’t Look Back. Also got an Alan Watts books called, Lowside of the Road. I ended my days by breaking open the read this week and started my days by listening to Watts.

6″ God – D-Sisive

One of my warmest moments this week was when local emcee Toronto Hip Hop cornerstone, D-Sisive released this single on Soundcloud. Using the instrumental of Pacewon’s I Declare War, Derek dropped some lyrics from his bedroom for our listening pleasure.

Hours – Tycho

I didn’t give Tycho a shot till recently. Glad I did, and I’ve been listening to Dive on the regular. One of my favourite tracks this week and what I used as inspiration to update my blog and write..

Spring – Ben Watt

Remember Ben Watt? The DJ, Musician, British radio presenter? You might recall him as one-half of the 90s group Everything But the Girl. Yeah. Him. Fond out a while ago he’s still making music. He released an album last year called Hendra.  I’m sure it’s obvious why I added this specific song to the list this week. 12 more days.



La Femme d’argent

This was the lead off track from Air’s 2008 album, Moon Safari. Perfect for some afternoon yoga, which I was trying to get back into this week.

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