Didn’t Want to be Boring

We can only get better when we listen to people or artists that inspire us. That was the cue for the week, while I was bedridden. A few new tracks  and a classic Hip Hop tune that my soul has been missing.

St Jude – Florence and the Machine

I was in bed on Tuesday when I got the news that Florence dropped her new track. It made my ginger tea hotter. Made my noodle soup hotter. It made me feel so much better. The video made me feel lovely.

I Don’t Want to Fight Anymore – Alabama Shakes

It took me a while to get into Alabama Shakes. Even still, there’s only a few tracks that I fully enjoy from them. This is one of them. Hopefully, I will soon understand them, because I really do want to understand this band from Athens, Alabama.

Crystals – Of Monsters and Men

I first heard Of Monsters of Men in Michigan. I was in coffee shop and they came over the loud-speaker. I thought they were Canadian band, Stars. Wrong. I haven’t stopped playing their material from a few years ago, which is why I was happy to hear their lead off single form their forthcoming project, Beneath the Skin.

Whenimondamic – LootPack

From their 1999 landmark underground album, Bone Marrow, Lootpack delivers with this classic cut, Whenimondamic. 16 years old, and the beat still sounds like a fresh creature from the lab.

Being Boring – Pet Shop Boys

Sometimes, you just have to take one of the tracks from your all time favourite list, and play the hell out of it. This week, I took Being Boring. Ranking up in my top five all time tunes, I haven’t gotten tired humming along with Neil Tennant.

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