Next week’s Episode of Modern Family Hints at TV’s Future

The episode, “Connection Lost” will see mother Claire (Julie Bowan) trying to reach her daughter, Haley (Sarah Hyland) using her MacBook Pro.

Yup. The whole episode will take place on Claire’s computer.

The concept came to show co-creator, Steve Levitian when he was Facetiming with his daughter. She sent him a short film, Noah, which was written and directed by Toronto film student, Patrick Cederberg. After watching the 17-minute film, Levitian realized, “that on that screen, you can tell so much about life” he revealed to Hollywood Reporter.¬†While Levitian points out that there’s no conventional product placement in the episode, the show did approach Apple, with the company providing iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Pros for shooting the video chats.

To pull off the screen concept, the team looked at graphics artist, John Brown. “The whole episode was originally shown with crew members, just as a proof of concept,” Brown hinted. They put the footage together, assuming the show could be created using screen capture software, much like the filmmakers behind Noah had done.

The Modern Family episode, Connection Lost airs February 25th.



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