Jay-Z Buys Spotify Competitor

WiMP and Tidal. They stream high resolution “lossless” music files. Artists such as Neil Young are backing their technology as a new way to get fans to pay for music again. “For some reason music is the only format where people accept something worse than before. It’s the 21st century. Technology’s job in our civilization is to make life better.” said, Andy Chen, The CEO of Tidal.

There’s no word yet on what Carter is planning exactly with his new company and if this will play a role on how the Carter household will release music. Wife Beyonce dropped her eponymous album couple years ago to huge sales. They both would be a huge coup for any streaming service.

This isn’t the first time Jigga has merged music and technology. Couple years ago, Jay-Z signed a $20 million deal to give away his copies of his last album to owners of the latest Samsung phones and managed to force the industry to change its rules for counting sales.

 Carter is worth more than $500 million.  Big pimpin’, for sure.


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