The current music scene is bleak says Noel Gallagher

In this week’s issue of NME, Gallagher, 47, says the current state of pop music will remain as is for a lengthy amount of time.

“It’s a strange time, and it seems like the whole thing is embedded for good now, for fucking forever,” says Gallagher.

It’s not all over, but it’ll go back to the way it was in the early ‘80s where indie bands are the alternative thing, the lower level.

Gallagher, who’s coming out with a new album with his High Flying Birds in March, remains optimistic about the near future of pop music.

“In the early ‘80s, everyone at indie labels, even major labels, were trying to push this music to the fore because everything else was shit, and maybe it’ll happen again, but I don’t see it for the next decade,” says Gallagher.

Gallagher made an example out of Ed Sheeran when talking about the current trend of pop artists. Gallagher expressed his dismay that Sheeran will be able to perform three gigs at Wembley Stadium later this year.

“I don’t think I can live in a world where that’s even possible,” says Gallagher. “When you hear that kind of polished pop and then there’s a ginger guy with a fucking guitar it seems subversive, but it’s fucking not.”

Gallagher’s upcoming record “Chasing Yesterday” will be his second solo studio album. His latest single, The Ballad Of the Mighty I features Johnny Marr on lead guitar.

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