The Ballads of the Mighty Fighters featuring Oasis, Elvis Presley and your Bear Hands!

What do Foo Fighters and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have in common in 2015? They’ll be extensively touring the globe and they’re both playing back to back nights in the largest city in Canada – Toronto! And why wouldn’t they? Torontonian concert goers can’t seem to get enough of these two heavyweight rockers. Let’s get started, shall we?

Track seven from Foo Fighters’ latest album, Sonic Highways isn’t leaving my brain anytime soon. The beatlesque harmonies in Subterranean between Dave Grohl and Death Cab for Cutie lead vocalist Ben Gibbard are just catchy enough to automatically play it from the start again. Look and listen:

Grohl isn’t the only one recruiting notable musicians from other bands. Noel Gallagher got a hold of guitarist Johnny Marr (formerly of The Smiths) to play lead guitar on his third and latest single, The Ballad of the Mighty I. Is this one of Gallagher’s best songs yet? It sure sounds like it. Don’t expect an Oasis reunion soon. Chasing Yesterday comes out March 2 (my birthday.)

Speaking of Oasis, they recently released a 20th anniversary three-disc expanded and remastered set of their second album, What’s the Story Morning Glory? and it didn’t disappoint. One B-side that  stood out was Bonehead’s Bank Holiday where Noel Gallagher sings lead vocal while Oasis rhythm guitarist Bonehead adds his chatter in the background. This song sounds great, especially if you have at least a few drinks in your system.

Elvis Presley would’ve turned 80-years old this past January and there seems to be a lot of nostalgia around him recently. Well, he is the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll so why wouldn’t there be. When Presley finished his tour of the army in 1960, he signed a bad long-term lucrative movie contract (around at least $1-million a picture) that eventually led him back into performing again by the late 60s. However, one of Presley’s best acting roles was the second film that he starred in 1960 entitled Flaming Star which was first called Black Star. 20th Century Fox films had an issue with the title Black Star (a harsh title for the times?) so they renamed it Flaming Star. You can’t even legitimately buy this song anywhere! This version has a more laid back feel to it compared to Flaming Star.

You may know this next band from their song Giants which exploded to the top ten alternative songs chart in mid-2014 but Bear Hands definitely have more fantastic songs for us to experience. You don’t have to search that hard to find some great songs from this New York band. Just pick up their first full length 2014 album Distraction and hear what they’re all about. Expect these guys sticking around for some years to come. Here’s track four off of Distraction called, Bone Digger. It’s hard not to like these guys.

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