Star Trek Meets CHiPs: Shatner’s New Ride is a Trike

He¬†has traded the NCC-1701 for a Rivet in a ride across America. The 83 year old William Shatner will ride this summer from Chicago to Los Angeles in this two seater tricycle inspired by the B-17 bomber. He’s quoted as standing in the cold air of Winnipeg and noticing:

The finest line I can ever remember seeing was on a wing. Bombardier had lend me an aeroplane, and I remember the sweeping stainless steel part of the wing. If design can move you emotionally, that did Рand I want to see that in the bike.


“The Rivet”, so named for the rivets used to reflect the bomber’s design aesthetic, is by Illinois company American Wrench. The firm supplies motorcycle frames to Orange County Choppers. The two seater will have a canopy to protect the riders.

Shatner boasts The Rivet will be able to perform wheelies, by his design.

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