Sony Is Closing All Their Canadian Sony Stores

Years–decades–before there was an Apple Store, Sony had a network of retail outlets showcasing and selling all their gear: TVs, VCRs, DVD and CD players, Walkmans, headphones, speakers, stereo equipment and phones. Some were standalone operations in places like strip malls and others could be found in malls. These stores were in addition to Sony’s network of dealers such as Best Buy, Future Shop, department stores and mom-and-pop audio/video retailers.

But like other bricks-and-mortar retailers that selling commoditized products, Sony has run into issues. It no longer makes financial sense for the company to maintain their network of bespoke stores. It was announced that all fourteen stores in Canada will be shut down.

Okay, it’s nothing compare to the Target announcement earlier in the week, but still…

Details at The Ottawa Citizen.

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