Sam Smith to Pay Royalties to Tom Petty

I’m going to admit, I actually didn’t pick up on this one until it was announced today. I don’t know if it’s because I’m completely clueless, or I just didn’t pay attention… but until this very moment, I hadn’t noticed.

A few months ago, lawyers representing classic rocker, Tom Petty, noticed that a new song topping the charts sounded mighty similar to Petty’s 1989 classic song, “Won’t Back Down.” Sam Smith, the newest UK sensation, had released the song, “Stay With Me” in April 2014 to find it very quickly climbing the charts, it’s actually one of the best-selling singles of 2014.

The two parties have met amicably and have agreed that Petty and composer Jeff Lynne would be awarded 12.5% in songwriting royalties for the song, reports Consequence of Sound.

Listen for yourself. Here’s Sam Smith:

And the classic Tom Petty track:

While we’re talking about sound-alikes, anyone else thinks that Kelly Clarkson’s new single sounds EXACTLY like Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle?

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