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After taking the last half of December off to investigate new and exotic forms of vodka (you’ll hear about it in this week’s podcast) and another week so that Michael could go to CES in Las Vegas, we’re back for a new series of shows.  So what’s going on?

  • Michael prattles on about his trip to CES. Can you believe he went to Vegas and didn’t go to a strip club? I gotta go one year to show him how it’s done. On the positive side, he didn’t bring back the notorious CES Flu. At least he was asymptomatic when we did the show.
  • At some point, we talked about net neutrality. Although it’s not as much of an issue here in Canada as it is in the US, you should still know what’s going on. If you’re in the dark, this will get you started.

  • Ask Alan Anything: “Laurence calling from Edmonton, since you are a fan of the libation, I’m wondering if you would do a weekly review of Soju. I’m a fan of scotch and whatnot. Also what do you make of Manchester Orchestra. Why aren’t they humungously famous and suck at the same time?”
  • William Shatner will be on the show again next month. I gotta ask him about this.
  • We’re getting into the business of professional begging. Please help.
  • Bono and his guitar issues.
  • Some very odd Elvis statistics.
  • Music and earthquakes. They’re related, you know.
  • If you’re still stealing music, you’re an idiot. Here’s why.
  • And you really need to develop the same kind of obsession I have with numbers stations.

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