I Wanna Dance, I Wanna Dance…

What better way to start off this edition of Geek Beat Pick of The Week than with some sexy, sexy sax? This one coming courtesy of Toronto outfit Timber Timbre, whose latest record Hot Dreams was released this past year (which, by the way, was my favourite record of 2014). Check out the title track and make sure to stick it out for that amazingly cool sax to close it out.

Ok, as Jay-Z says: on to the next one. The War On Drugs are a Philly based band led by lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Adam Granduciel (The band most famously used to feature Kurt Vile who’s gone on to release some pretty stellar stuff on his own as a solo artist. Check out the album ‘Wakin On a Pretty Daze‘).

2014 was a big one for The War On Drugs. Not only did they release their album Lost In The Dream to massive critical acclaim (you can find the album near the top of every best of end of year lists), but also were the focus of a highly publicized feud with Mark Kozelek, better known as Sun Kil Moon (things actually got pretty nasty, with Kozelek even writing and releasing an EXTREMELY NSFW song about Granduciel and company).

But back to the music. Red Eyes, the first single from the album has been compared to 80’s era Springsteen, and rightfully so. It’s a synthy, grandiose, pumped up tune with a killer guitar line and just enough ‘WOO’s’ at just the right spots to keep things exciting.

Finally, there’s The Apache Relay and their tune Katie Queen of Tennessee off their self titled record released this past year. Their past work fell in line with that of the neo-folk movement (think Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes etc.) but with this tune they broke that mold and injected some sweet Philly soul and possibly a theramin. The video is also adorable to boot.

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