Yamaha THR Amp

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Yamaha calls their THR guitar amplifiers “everything you need when you aren’t on stage”. Their amp modelling simulates every component of an amp’s circuit, as well as the interactions between them, so THR sounds – and feels – like several of your favourite amps, at a volume that won’t scare the dog. Add in a tuner, onboard effects, hi-fi audio playback to jam along with your music library via an 1/8” input or USB, plus the ability to record to your computer over USB and an included copy of Cubase AI recording software, and you might think they’re right. THR is available in a few different flavours depending on your preferred style, and its lightweight, compact shape will easily fit anywhere… like under the tree.

 $220-$330 at your local music store. For a list of dealers, see ca.yamaha.com
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