Wait: You Mean They STILL Haven’t Buried Casey Kasem?

Nope. He’s lying in a morgue in Norway, still awaiting burial. And this sad saga from the Dept. of WTF is still a long, long way from being over. And it’s getting even uglier.

The National Enquirer is all over the story, citing charges of elder abuse against Casey’s wife, Jean.  RAMP (Radio and Music Pros) summarized things in today’s newsletter.

Private investigator Logan Clarke, who has been working on behalf of Casey’s daughter Kerritold The Enquirer that, after an investigation. the LAPD has turned over the case to the L.A. District Attorney’s Office.

he 82-year-old radio legend had been battling Lewy body dementia, which presents symptoms similar to both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Despite Casey’s frail condition, Jean removed him from a California nursing home and transported him by car up to Washington State to stay with friends. Clarke says Jean’s decision to take Casey out of that facility endangered his life and ultimately led to his death.

Clarke told The Enquirer, “We have statements — and so do the police — from nurses about Jean and the way she allegedly treated her husband. When Jean took Casey out (of the facility), she was told, ‘You cannot disconnect him from his feeding tube — if you do, he will die!’ The tube was surgically implanted in his stomach, so she took the feeding machine. They let her take it because it was the only thing that would keep Casey alive!”

Clarke also claims that when Jean ran out of the proper food, she fed him Ensure. “Allegedly, Ensure was poured into Casey’s feeding machine,” Clarke claimed. We will spare you the horrifying details. As we all know by now, Casey was eventually taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor, WA where he died on June 15. Jean later had his body transported to Montreal and then, inexplicably, to Norway, where it remains unburied as the family feuds. We sincerely hope that some kind of resolution can be worked out soon so that Casey may finally rest in peace.

Seriously. Let the guy go.

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