The NASA Sleep Promoting Light Bulb

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Used by NASA to help astronauts snooze in space, this light bulb is now available to all humanoids on Earth.

Encourages the production of melatonin which is the hormone that promotes sleep.

Leaving the light bulb on after you fall asleep.

The NASA light bulb’s patented filter reduces “blue” light by 50 per cent to accommodate a better night’s sleep. It’s ideally used for a nightstand lamp for 30 minutes before you completely fall asleep. The light bulb helps support your body’s natural circadian rhythm so you can fall asleep faster and waking up more refreshed. The 12-watt LED produces the same light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb for optimal illumination while reading lasts up to 16 times longer.

$59.95 available at
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