The Definitive Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks 2014

The Darth Vader Toaster

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If you didn’t like the new Star Wars teaser trailer because Darth Vader didn’t make an appearance, then why don’t you use Vader’s force and fry up some toast?

The toaster imprints “Star Wars” onto either side of a slice of bread and browns the crust to frame both sides.

Darth Vaders’ light saber isn’t included.

Darth Vader will transform innocent slices of bread into a devious crisp of The Dark Side. Vaders’ eyes imply evil intent when his internal heating elements glow like the fires Mustafar. This Vader toaster is an essential part of your complete Galactic Empire-allegiance breakfast. If you don’t think it’s that essential, the force simply isn’t with you on this one.

$49.95 available at Hammacher Schlemmer

An Original Beatles Mic

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On December 6th, you may want to head to Dallas, Texas and pick up some of The Beatles’ microphones that are complete with authentic Lennon and McCartney Spittle.

There’s three mics that are listed and all are Reslo ribbon mics from the Cavern Club in Liverpool where The Beatles played more than any other venue; 292 performances to be exact.

Starting bid is $2,500 with an estimated value of over $5,000 so forget about that Caribbean vacation you planned to take if you’re planning to bid.

The mics are part the wider listing of music memorabilia which includes a ton of Beatles stuff, like handwritten lyrics as well the chance to bid on a ‘well-used’ Elvis guitar. Now, doesn’t this auction sound more intriguing than fighting over a crummy microwave at Wal-Mart? Take a closer look at the mics in this informative video here. The auction takes place on December 6th.
Starting Bid: $2,500 at Heritage Auctions

Yamaha THR Amp

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You’re in college locked up in your dorm room, and you want to practice your guitar. The Yamaha THR is the perfect companion.

Yamaha calls their THR guitar amplifiers “everything you need when you aren’t on stage”. Their amp modelling simulates every component of an amp’s circuit, as well as the interactions between them, so THR sounds – and feels – like several of your favourite amps, at a volume that won’t scare the dog. Add in a tuner, onboard effects, hi-fi audio playback to jam along with your music library via an 1/8” input or USB, plus the ability to record to your computer over USB and an included copy of Cubase AI recording software, and you might think they’re right. THR is available in a few different flavours depending on your preferred style, and its lightweight, compact shape will easily fit anywhere… like under the tree.
 $220-$330 at your local music store. For a list of dealers, see

Foo Fighters Ginger Metal Sweatshirt

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Snuggle up by the fireplace this winter with this super warm sweater from Foo Fighters.You’ll feel like Dave Grohl is giving you a long, warm embrace.

Maybe the sweater was inspired by Grohl’s devilish role in The Pick of Destiny, but the boys knitted the best metal sweater ever featuring a gingerbread man and pentagrams. This will for sure get you in at the yearly ugly sweater contest and you will be a big hit  while referencing “Times likes These or “Monkey Wench”.

It might itch.

$30.00 from the Foo Fighters official merch site. Shop Here.


Major scale wine glasses

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Wine Scale

Set of two glasses allow wine lovers to play holiday favourites, or lead the “Sound of Music” singalong.

People love trying to play music on wine glasses. Now those who understand scales, or can play from memory, can do so at parties, winning over friends and impressing strangers alike.

People love trying to play music on wine glasses. Might want to add a set of earplugs to go along with this gift.

$65.00 for two from Uncommon Goods, other retailers.


The NASA Sleep Promoting Light Bulb

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Used by NASA to help astronauts snooze in space, this light bulb is now available to all humanoids on Earth.

Encourages the production of melatonin which is the hormone that promotes sleep.

Leaving the light bulb on after you fall asleep.

The NASA light bulb’s patented filter reduces “blue” light by 50 per cent to accommodate a better night’s sleep. It’s ideally used for a nightstand lamp for 30 minutes before you completely fall asleep. The light bulb helps support your body’s natural circadian rhythm so you can fall asleep faster and waking up more refreshed. The 12-watt LED produces the same light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb for optimal illumination while reading lasts up to 16 times longer.

$59.95 available at

George Harrison: The Apple Years Box Set

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Escape into George Harrison’s Wonderwall of sound with this box set of his first solo material. In November 1968, George Harrison released Wonderwall Music. It’s a soundtrack to an art film called Wonderwall and was the first solo album to be released by a Beatle and also the first album on the newly formed Apple Records label.

 The Apple Years 1968-75 set includes each of George’s first six solo albums; Wonderwall Music, Electronic Sound, All Things Must Pass, Living In The Material World, Dark Horse and Extra Texture. This newly remastered set is from the original analogue masters, and comes with a remarkable DVD with over 40 minutes of video including a new Apple Years feature plus a bound book with essay and rare and unseen photos.

$90.53 available at


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