The Darth Vader Toaster

Rated ampersandampersandampersandampersandampersand Hip Ampersand Logos by Matthew Smith


If you didn’t like the new Star Wars teaser trailer because Darth Vader didn’t make an appearance, then why don’t you use Vader’s force and fry up some toast?

The toaster imprints “Star Wars” onto either side of a slice of bread and browns the crust to frame both sides.

Darth Vaders’ light saber isn’t included.

Darth Vader will transform innocent slices of bread into a devious crisp of The Dark Side. Vaders’ eyes imply evil intent when his internal heating elements glow like the fires Mustafar. This Vader toaster is an essential part of your complete Galactic Empire-allegiance breakfast. If you don’t think it’s that essential, the force simply isn’t with you on this one.

$49.95 available at Hammacher Schlemmer

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