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If you’ve sent an email to [email protected] over the last few days, you’ll have seen my out-of-office message. That’s because I’m here.

SBH ocean view

Yes, that’s the view. Yet because I care so much about Geeks&Beats, I fired up the wifi and soldiered on. And it only took two glasses of Kraken spiced rum.

Sadly, I’ll be back in the home studio for next week where I’ll be suffering terribly from SAD. (You do NOT want me for company December 20 and New Year’s. The shortest days of the year are the worst. Oh, and I’ll be dreading a trip to Winnipeg. That’ll be a 60 C degree swing in temperature. I know, I know. Cry me a river, right?)

You still have time to shop the G&B store for that special Christmas gift. Why not bless someone with the prestige of being an official co-producer of an episode?

Questions, comments and abuse are welcome through our special phone line: (323) 319-NERD. And we’re always open to any musicians willing to great bespoke production pieces for us. For example, we could use jingles for out Geeks & Beats Update and for Ask Alan Anything segments. There’s no money in it, of course, but none of us are making money from this venture–including our newsroom staff of some 14 people.

Speaking of which, we’re always interested in guest writers. In fact, I could use a couple for my site, too. Lemme know if you’re up to it.


  1. We still need more likes on our Facebook page. We’re not above buying them, but we’d rather be honest about things.
  2. I could use some Facebook likes myself, but I’m too proud to beg.
  3. Subscribe through iTunes. Tell your friends, family and associates. This whole thing is a labour of love and we want as many humans as possible to experience it. Or we’ll do something rash and drastic.
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