Noise-cancelling Wearables for Tired Geeks

Ever try to catch a few Z’s in a noisy environment like a plane, but find your noise cancelling headphones too bulky? The creators of a new device called Hush Wearables might be the answer. The start-up was created by three engineering students from the University of California, San Diego. (It’s a Kickstarter).

The buds create chilled out sounds to lull you off to sleep, like falling rain, or waterfalls, but you can customize the alerts on your phone to only let through the important ones.

“The smart earplugs, which use noise-masking to block outside sounds, work with your smartphone via an associated app (compatible with both iOS and Android); they help you achieve complete silence, without having to miss important updates and alarms on your mobile device.”

A lot of people are behind this idea:

“As proof of the market’s interest in Hush, the start-up’s Kickstarter campaign, which has a goal of $100,000, already raised more than $300,000 at the time of this writing. Three weeks remain before the campaign ends. Early backers will get the earplugs in May 2015 for $115, and the creators plan to bring it to retail for $149 some time in June.”

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