Marsden Gone from Rock, But not the Internet

It might say a lot of today’s radio when one of the greatest minds for the craft has been let go due to the station’s “evolution”. But isn’t David Marsden all about radio evolution? The man, credited for the early successes of CFNY, was recently let go from his stint at Oshawa based 94.9 The Rock. But we don’t have to be sad, fellow Marsbars, Marsden is taking the show online with

“My business partner Igor Loukine and I totally see (the website) as being a big part of the future of music and entertainment. We started building the site about 18 months ago and did a soft launch in September. At the time we were building the site we didn’t know of the impending changes. It does seem as though everything has somehow worked out so the listener will not lose a place to share the music,”  Marsden recently told website SlowCityZine.

“At The ROCK I have a successful Chatroom with folks gathering to talk music and just about every other topic. Originally started by Sister Mar (Marilyn Hamilton) The Marsden Chatroom has become a place to find and make new friends. That Chatroom will continue to be part of the and will be there for The Christmas Eve Show. The Barron unselfishly has made The Chatroom a vital and exciting place to gather,” he revealed.

You can catch David Marsden guesting with our very own Alan Cross on the December 21st edition of Spirit of Radio Sunday on The Edge. 



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