Jack White Hid Records in Furniture

Think what you will, but I am more captivated by Jack White as I hear everything new he does.

Yesterday, a post went up on the Third Man Records website, noting that two copies of The Upholsterers’ second single “Your Furniture Was Always Dead…I Was Just Afraid To Tell Y0u.” The Upholsterers was the name of the band that preceded The White Stripes in White’s discography. The band was aptly named after his career – partner Brian Muldoon and White were running an upholstery company at the time of the release (called Third Man Upholstery). In 2005, they allegedly hid 100 copies of the single in furniture they worked on, and they’re starting to come up now – close to ten years later.

Anyone else interested in going to tear up some furniture in Detroit with me?

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