The Mandevilles

Once in a while, you’ll stumble across a band that grinds day in and day out, but somehow makes it look so easy. To The Mandevilles, from Ontario’s Niagara region, it’s just a part of their character. This electric 5-piece lives and breathes the band. When they’re not hitting the road in their Ford Econoline, they’re at home spending the majority of their week playing gigs in and around Ontario. It’s no surprise they draw a crowd every single night – the energy this band exudes on stage is unmatched, they are guaranteed to get you dancing. I’ve personally had the pleasure of getting to know this band really well over the last year. I caught them playing a showcase during Toronto’s Indieweek in 2013, and immediately fell in love. I made a point of going to check them out again the next time they were in Toronto, and that’s where our story began. Over the last year, I’ve learned that these five talented musicians are not only incredible on stage, but they’re all individually amazing human beings. If I can make any recommendation to you, readers, make a point of going to see them live when they come through your town… and they will. They’re perpetually on the road.

I introduce to you guitarists, Nick Lesyk and Taylor Laslo; bassist, Waylon Glintz; drummer, Brett Bendo; and the mesmerizing frontwoman, Serena Pryne.

Life in a band is not a new concept to these guys. Serena and Nick have been musical partners for nearly 15 years. After playing in cover bands separately and then together, the duo started writing their own material and formed Oliver Black. The band was courted by an American record label that soon went bankrupt, leaving the band nearly broken and living in the United States. After moving to Europe for a short time, the band released an album under the name Serena Pryne and The Mandevilles. Lesyk and Pryne decided to return to Canada and place all their focus on this band, shortly after.

Only guitarist Taylor Laslo was kept, and long-time friend Brett Bendo was brought in to play drums a couple of months before the band was set to fly to Vancouver to work on their most recent album, Windows and Stones. After auditioning a number of prospective bassists, Waylon Glintz got the gig – three weeks before recording was to begin.

Released September 16 of this year, Windows and Stones features infectious, melodic rock tunes that’ll be sure to either leave you dancing, or feeling heart-wrenching pain. The band has even recently been signed by The Agency Group‘s legendary booking agent, Ralph James, who is notoriously known for working with hard-working, road-hitting groups.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Go check them on Facebook, Twitter or on tour in your neighbourhood. And, while you’re at it, go grab their album on iTunes today.

Here’s their newest music video, for the first single from the album, called Hangovers.


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