Dubs Acoustic Filters

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DUBS will help save your hearing, while not reducing the sound quality.

Pros: They’re inexpensive, will fit any ear and don’t muffle sound.

Cons: They’re not available for purchase in Canada. Yet.

When I was younger, I wasn’t worried about my hearing. No matter how much my father (who suffers from severe tinnitus) would harp on me to take ear protection to a concert, I refused to listen. Those cheap neon orange foamies not only muffle the sound, but they also barely fit in to my tiny ears. When I read about Dubs, I was actually excited (maybe that’s my age starting to show…). They fit in to my ears perfectly, and I can still hear everything very clearly. The engineers at Dubs have used a proprietary combination of high and low pass filters to reduce volume up to 12 dB while preserving balance and audio clarity.

$25.00 available at getdubs.com (in the US)
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