Be Good To Your Woman

In September, while at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, I was able to catch an extremely talented gentleman named Julian Taylor opening up for The Watchmen. I was instantly in love with his music, and his demeanor. He just loved and respected the women in his life and was so proud to speak of them.

Through following him on social media since then, I’ve caught wind of his newest campaign entitled the “Be Good to Your Woman” Challenge.

Here’s Julian explaining what it means to him:

Inspired by Otis Redding’s classic love song “Try A Little Tenderness”, I wrote a love song a couple of years ago for the lady in my life, titled “Be Good To Your Woman”. Now more than ever, we have all become painfully aware of how many women are not treated decently, and worse, how many are the victims of outright abuse.

I understand that each situation I have read about in the media lately is different from the next and each has its own set of circumstances surrounding it. I am not here to pass judgment. I believe that hate begets hate and nobody wins.

On a personal level, this bewilders me, because people I know have perpetrated some of that abuse. I am infused with anger and sympathy, because some victims are women that I care about and who have been internally damaged by abuse at the hand of another. As a father, a partner and a friend this horrifies me, because each of these victims are is someone’s daughter, or sister, or mother, or spouse.

Due to my beliefs and in an effort to utilize them act on my beliefs in a positive manner, I’ve decided to use the song I wrote as a vehicle to try to help raise funds and awareness by putting out a challenge.

I call it the “Be Good To Your Woman Challenge.” I believe that for the first time in a long time, social media has allowed these issues to be communicated and exposed to the general public more than ever before. This is a humanitarian issue and my hope is that this can be a positive platform for women and men of all nationality, creed and orientation to send the right kind of message to people, maybe to a woman that helped them grow along the way, or to teach a younger generation about chivalry and respect.

I cordially invite anyone and everyone who has a strong belief on these issues and who believes in honouring and respecting women rather than knocking them down, to take up the challenge and to tell everyone they know what they think it means to Be Good To Your Woman. It’s surprising just how far a little love and tenderness can actually go if you try it.

Julian began working on this outstanding project in the summer of 2014. He says, “the inspiration came from being in a relationship with my lover about whom I wrote the song about.  It was further cemented when I became a new father. I just felt moved by the good energy in my life even if it was draining.”

Taylor says that about eight videos have been submitted, “they are all so amazing. Some from men and some from women. We are encouraging people to post more and hope to get hundreds of them down the road.”

When asked about what he hopes to achieve from this campaign, Taylor says, “I think that the biggest thing missing in this world is taking care of each other. This isn’t only about violence against women, it’s about violence against human kind. We need to love and respect each other. Sure, we are all human and do dumb things to hurt one another but when violence is the main focus we need to step back and do something about it. Our children need to know how to treat one another properly.”

All donations from this challenge are going to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Participants are encouraged to donate themselves, the band is also donating $2 from every album sold to the cause. For more information, visit

Get involved… I did!

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