Are You Tough on Headphones? Then Maybe You need HeadFoams Instead

Outside of a four year-old with a bad temper, no one mistreats headphones more than a radio person. We use these things ever single day in ways they weren’t designed. Even expensive headphones–I’m thinking back to a beloved Fostex pair I once had–can crumble to dust under our communal abuse. Which brings me to HeadFoams.

Earlier this year, the company introduced childproof (or nearly so) set of ‘phones made of, well, foam.  Now there’s an adult version–the Pro model–that not only offers durability but also high-quality audio. They’re soft and bendy and almost impossible to break.

Sounds promising. Tell you what, HeadFoams: donate a couple of pairs to a radio station and see how they stand up. If they survive a month, we’ll give ‘em our seal of approval. More at GizMag.

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