What is Trent Reznor’s Top Secret Project at Apple?

When Beats music was being put together last year Jimmy Iovine–a longtime friend and mentor of Trent Reznor–offer him the job Chief Creative Officer, whatever that meant. But now that Beats is part of the Apple empire, what does it mean for Trent? Is he out of work?

No. In fact, he’s immersed in a new Apple top secret project that he described to Billboard this way:

You’re working with Apple. Is this an evolution of your Beats role?

It’s related to that. Beats was bought by Apple, and they expressed direct interest in me designing some products with them. I can’t go into details, but I feel like I’m in a unique position where I could be of benefit to them. That does mean some compromises in terms of how much brain power goes toward music and creating. This is very creative work that’s not directly making music, but it’s around music.

Is it about music delivery?

It’s in that world. It’s exciting to me, and I think it could have a big enough impact that it’s worth the effort. I’m fully in it right now, and it’s challenging, and it’s unfamiliar and it’s kind of everything I asked for — and the bad thing is it’s everything I asked for.

Interesting.  Read more of the Billboard interview which also covers Trent’s film work, his plans for Nine Inch Nails and the whole idea of turning 50.

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