What do successful people stream at work?

We all seem to be working with one earbud in at most jobs these days. Some of us like to just listen to our favourite artists while we work, but what about asking successful people? Is there a secret sauce to being more creative or efficient?

Keep in mind these aren’t famous people, just people who are successful in a variety of industries. For example: “I listen to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Exclusively. Years ago I read that lyrical novelty diverts needed processing resources from your mind and makes you less focused and efficient—even if the listener remains oblivious to that effect. One way of solving that problem is listening to music without lyrics. But I love lyrics. So I’ve chosen to solve it by listening to the same album so many times that the lyrics no longer register as lyrics and serve more as the sorts of sound vibrations one encounters in transcendental meditation mantras. #ZedsDeadBaby.”
-Felicity Sargent, co-founder Definer app

Kinda cool. Check it out at Forbes

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