Touring Indie Bands Can Now Crash at the “Brooklyn Patch”

Touring as an indie band isn’t as easy as it used be. Labels aren’t giving out nearly as much money for bands to hit the road and play across the country anymore.

Mondelez, the maker of popular sour candy, Sour Patch Kids, is hoping to help out indie bands… in Brooklyn, at least. They’ve purchased a four-bedroom house in the Clinton Hill neighbourhood in Brooklyn, NY where indie bands are encouraged to stay while making their way through the booming metropolis. How much does it cost to stay? Nothing! In return, Mondelez is requiring bands to provide video content for use on their social media. They’ve launched a Patch-specific Tumblr page that will feature content provided by the passing-through bands.

They haven’t fully launched yet, but they’re already booked up until the end of the year. Rhode Island’s very own, Deer Tick, will be staying for a week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve while they complete a week-long residency nearby. Other bands staying in the next few weeks include Tame Impala and Magic Man.

This is going to be interesting to watch, I think. It’s a great opportunity for bands to gain some exposure to the large existing teenage demographic (and adults in the mid-30s like me who incessantly eat this delicious sour candy.) I’m curious to see how many more of these houses will pop up over the next little while… I’d like to see one here in Toronto where bands want to play, but can’t afford to.

Check out this interview that Mondelez’s marketing director, Farrah Bezner did with Ad Age.

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