The Clash ‘London Calling’ demos

If you love hearing where the original ideas for some of your favourite music originated, you know that expanded editions of albums can be a blast. Nowadays YouTube has it’s fair share of ‘bootleg’ outtake material as well though, and here’s some great stuff from The Clash. If you’re a fan, this is a gold mine.

From the article:

Every creative work begins with a draft—or two, or three, or four. Great American novel, iconic painting, generation-defining poem, album of the decade… each represents a palimpsest of sketches, blind alleys, dead ends, demos, and outtakes. So it’s no great surprise to learn that London Calling, the Clash’s double-album masterpiece, exists as an earlier version, recorded by the band themselves on four-track tape machines at their rehearsal space in central London. What is maybe surprising is how good these early recordings are, and that they exist at all.

Check it out on Open Culture.

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