Taylor Swift no longer on Spotify

Uh oh. She’s on the cusp of selling a million copies of 1989, but Taylor Swift has pulled her entire catalog from Spotify. ‘Safe and Sound’ from the Hunger Games soundtrack is all that remains. According to the company, 16 million of its 40 million users have played Swift’s music in the past month and her tracks appear on 19 million playlists. That’s a lot of people to dissapoint.

An article from musically says:

Swift is far from the only artist that has had a difficult relationship with Spotify in particular and streaming in general. Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan were on Spotify, then pulled their catalogues but then returned. Others like the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Metallica took their time to license, but some of them did so on exclusive terms (with at least one of them believed to have negotiated an equity stake in Spotify in exchange for letting their music go on there). We wonder if Swift and her team had considered or investigated something like this but still came to the conclusion to go. Or, and this is one for the conspiracy theorists, they asked for this but were turned down.

I don’t know if her camp thinks they’re going to single-handedly get music fans back into brick and mortar stores, or if she’s just showing off, but either way – it’s silly. If people don’t already have her albums, they’re only gonna play them on YouTube.

Naturally, the whole album is available on YouTube.

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