Put Your Sound System to the Test

Matt Padanyi probably spent too much on his headphones.


If you’ve ever read the comments section of an online review for a pair of Beats By Dre headphones, you know that audiophiles take themselves very, very seriously. Of course, the audio source is just as important as the hardware it gets played through. And the audiophiles will tell you, vinyl records and CDs are a lot more crisp than anything on your smartphone. That’s where Tidal comes in to play.

The new streaming music service boasts that it is the first of its kind to offer uncompressed, lossless tunes. Essentially, the quality is much more comparable to a CD than any run-of-the-mill .mp3 file. But there’s a price to pay for all that high-quality sound, so the company is being kind enough to offer a test to see if your system and your ears are up to the task.

The test is a simple choice between A or B, where you listen to two versions of the same song and select the one you believe is high-fidelity. Take it for a test-spin and figure out for yourself once and for all if you’re just a music buff or a real, certified, bonafide audiophile. And find out if it was really worth it to spend $200 on those Beats.

Unfortunately, if you love the sound quality, you’ll have to wait to get access to the service. Tidal is only available in the US and the UK right now. But they’ll let you sign up to get a notification for when it makes its way to Canada.


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