Old Videos, New Ads


You would think that the corny product placement we used to see in videos back in the 80’s and 90’s should stay there. Product placement of course never went away, it just got a bit more clever. The bad news is; it’s getting even MORE clever now, thanks to Universal Music Group, media-tech company Mirriad and French advertising firm Havas. Are you ready for ‘retroactive product placement’?

Here’s how they describe it:

It works in exactly the same way as you would plan a media campaign for a brand around music videos,” Ted Mico, Mirriad’s chief operating officer says. “But instead of running pre-roll, now you’d buy spots inside the video.” Retroactive placement, Mico says, is necessary because it’s getting difficult to make viewers notice ads. “We’re in the business of helping creatives make money out of the things they’ve already made,” says Mico. “Technology is allowing people to skip ads in all formats.

Check it out at Rolling Stone.

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