Music discovery: one song at a time

Face it; you’ve got no time for music discovery. There are only so many blogs, apps, services and sites you can visit in a day. Enter “A Song a Day.”

It’s like the old fashioned way of learning about that one hot track, except it’s delivered to your inbox daily.

From the site:

No fancy algorithms (yet), no automation (yet). I will personally send you a song I think you’ll like every day, entirely determined by your musical preferences indicated below and my own musical opinion. I’m not an expert, I just listen to a lot of music, and people seem to trust me. Each song will come as a surprise, probably not at the same time every day. Because I am human, not a robot (yet).

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, and it’s weirdly fun waiting to have someone send you just ONE song at a time. Shannon, who started the service and seems to do most of the curation, has a pretty good average picking stuff for me so far.

Give it a try!


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