Jimi Hendrix has something new for Record Store Day

Yes, he died in 1970, but that doesn’t mean the Hendrix estate isn’t constantly looking for material to release. Billed as an “official bootleg”, the new collection “Hear my music” is stuff Jimi recorded in 1969.

It actually sounds pretty interesting:

Among the 11 tracks are two versions of “Valleys of Neptune,” including one featuring Hendrix solo on electric guitar and the other spotlighting his piano playing, and unedited versions of “Drone Blue” and “Jimi”/”Jimmy Jam,” which both originally came out on the now out-of-print 1980 release Nine to the Universe.

The Black Friday Record Store Day event is the 28th of November, and they’ve done everything they can to make it interesting:

The double album, which Hendrix’s sister Janie Hendrix produced with engineer Eddie Kramer and Hendrix expert John McDermott, will be pressed on 200-gram audiophile vinyl. It is coming out on Dagger Records, Experience Hendrix LLC’s “bootleg” label, which usually does not release albums to brick-and-mortar retailers.

Rolling Stone has more.


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