I loved Twitter Music but now love Wonder.FM.

Before there was Twitter Music, there was an Australian site that did what it set out to do. ‘We Are Hunted’ was a great way to find more obscure music just bubbling under what you’d normally consider listening to. ‘We Are Hunted’ was so good in fact, Twitter actually bought it. We all know that Twitter Music was a flop, mainly because you couldn’t play full tracks for free, which is what most people are used to. We Are Hunted was shut down after the acquisition, and Twitter Music was shut down because nobody liked it.

The good news is, if you dug either of those sites, you’ve got a pretty promising replacement right now from one of the brains behind their inception, Stephen Phillips. It’s called Wonder.FM.

Philipps is working on Wonder.fm by himself, but that doesn’t stop him from having big plans. The site’s image grid will soon include hip-hop, EDM and Asian pop as well, and Philipps also wants to build apps for Android and iOS.

My hope is that music fans seeking cool sounds outside the top 40 might find it a really fun app.

Check the site out here. More from GigaOm

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