Got Time to Spend up to $5,000?

Apple's newest fruit: the Apple Watch.

What does $5,000 get you these days in the Gadget world? A gold watch from Apple. Reports from French website, iGen,  the top notch, gold plated Apple Watch Edition model will fetch up to $5,000, while the standard Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport sporting a $500 and $350 price-tag respectively.

So what does five-grand exactly get you? It’s an 18-karat gold case, designed to be “twice as hard as standard gold”. It utilizes a sapphire crystial display, and can be outfitted with either a leather or sport wristband.  On the other end of the bargain barrel,  the Apple Watch packs a punch with stainless steel case, with the option for either a leather band or one of several steel bracelets. Apple Watch Sport, is rumoured to be the the most affordable, packs an aluminium case and is fashioned with plastic wristbands.

All versions are rumoured to have been pushed back till Spring 2015.


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