Gift Idea: A New Rolling Stones Picture Book. The Bad News? It Costs $10,000

The Stones are one of the most-photographed bands of all time, attracting some of the best photographers in the world. Ethan Russell. Jim Marshall. Anton Corbijn. Annie Leibovitz

There’s now a 518-page collection of the best of those shots taken from about 1965 to 1992. And as with all things Stones, it ain’t cheap.


The “basic” version of the book runs $150 USD while limited editions go for $5,000 (“sumo-sized” with foldouts and silk-screened printed chapter folder) and $10,000 (six “Art Editions,”limited to just 75 copies) The publisher is Taschen, no strangers to high-end photo books.

Rolling Stones  - Mick and cat


More samples at Billboard.


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