Free In-Flight Music Streaming from Southwest and Apple/Beats

As road warriors may remember, I provided in-flight entertainment to Air Canada for years before the new IFE system bumped me and all the other hosts in favour of a deal with XM. But this hasn’t stopped me from being interested in what airlines offer their passengers to get their minds off baggage fees, 31-inch pitch seats and having to pay for a bag of cashews.

Southwest, the airline that pioneered the notion of the low-cost airline, has always kept airfares down by keeping the number of amenities to a bare minimum. Now, though, they’re offering something to distract passengers in the form of a partnership with Beats/Apple.

A select number of Southwest’s 737s offer WiFi (HEY, AIR CANADA! GET WITH IT!) and it’s through that connection that passengers will be able to access Beats Music for free whilst they fly. Just fire up the phone, tablet or laptop, sign into the plane’s network and Bob’s yer uncle.

Not a bad idea, really.  Maybe this will snag Beats/Apple a few more paying subscribers.

(Via TechCrunch)

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