Dave Grohl… what’s your opinion?

Dave Grohl seems to have an even split of fans and naysayers across the country. In fact, two of our G&B staffers have opposite opinions. Check out what they think here.

Patrick Charles

I don’t care about the new Foo Fighters album, TV show, or tour. Ever since Dave became the “saviour or rock and roll” I’ve found him annoying. Does anyone ever talk about their music? No. I’m not saying they’re without merit, I love a handful of tunes, but I’m starting to feel like everyone’s looking at him as the last rock star. I think it’s BS. Foo Fighters, for me, are quickly approaching “Nickelback” status.

I came across this article and it made a lot of points I totally agree with, “The Foo Fighters never bothered me, in fact, I burned Everlong onto many a CD in my middle school years. It was all copacetic until one day, as I drove down I-95, a man on the radio said ‘Here’s the new one from the Foo Fighters! So pumped to hear another big one from these guys!’ and he played The Pretender. Maybe it was the little slice of hype the radioman had prefaced with, but I remember thinking, ‘damn, this song is corny.’ ”

Check it out here

Matthew Smith

I care a lot about the new Foo Fighters album along with the companion miniseries by the same name, Sonic Highways. There’s a lot of familiarity about their music that keeps on growing every time I listen to their albums and their latest effort is no different.

I don’t know how Dave Grohl is the saviour of rock ‘n’ roll if the genre’s been sticking around for 60 years, but he’s definitely a purist of that genre. He and the Foos aren’t abandoning it anytime soon like some other bands such as Radiohead. Could you imagine The Foo Fighters abandoning rock and roll and do a full album of computer noises or take on a new country and pop album with Taylor Swift? That’ll be the day, although they have touched on country with their 1999 single Ain’t It The Life.

The great thing about the eight-part Sonic Highways series is that it’s not really about the Foo Fighters until the last 5-10 minutes of each episode. Grohl and co. are there to offer a musical history lesson to viewers to show what musical artists have raised the bar in that specific location of America.

Why talk about their music when you could just play and discover it for yourself? If you love a handful of their tunes, there’s another handful to love, discover and appreciate because the Foo Fighters have plenty of catchy riffs and melodies that’ll stay in your head for days.

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