BitTorrent vs. Netflix, fight!

BitTorrent has been trying to change the way the public perceives them for some time. They’ve offered pay-what-you-can bundles from Madonna, De La Soul, and Thom Yorke. Shaking off the image of a service designed for stealing music hasn’t been easy, but now they’re trying something new: TV. The company has its first original series, Children of the Machine coming out in 2015.

The eight-episode show will be a free download on BitTorrent’s file-sharing network supported by advertising, although fans will be able to pay $4.95 for an ad-free version, or $9.95 for that plus bonus content. “This is a science fiction show catered to the typical tech-savvy, male-dominated audience,” producer Marco Weber told AdWeek. “We’re not trying to launch a romantic comedy, so the concept of this show moved us toward BitTorrent.”

It’s an interesting alternative that actually takes on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes all at once. It should be interesting to see how the public responds to it.

There’s more at The Guardian

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